The Team

General Management

Patrick Bousez


450-455-5753 x2400

Guy-Lin Beaudoin

Director General

450-455-5753 x2310

Raymond Malo

Adjunct Director General – Planification and Metropolitan Records

450-455-5753 x2320

Simon Bellemare

Adjunct Director General

450-455-5753 x2330

France D’Amour

Clerk of the MRC and the CMR

450-455-5753 x2340

Linda Laplante

Management Secretary

450-455-5753 x2300

Marie-France Leclair

Executive Assistant

450 455-575 x2301

Julie Cassab

Communications Councillor, Head of Public Relations

450-455-5753 x2271

Simon Richard

Communications Councillor, Head of Area Relations

450-455-5753 x2270

Marie-Eve Gingras-Gosselin

Communications Councillor

450-455-5753 x2272


Debie Anderson

Accounting Technician

450-455-5753 x2220

Danielle Béluse


450-455-5753 x2200

Francine Chung


450-455-5753 x2202

Carole Ducharme


450-455-5753 x2201

Natacha Latour

Accounting Technician

450-455-5753 x2221

Linda Lecompte

Administrative and Accounting Services Adjunct

450-455-5753 x2222

Sylvie Richer


450-455-5753 x2203

Hélène Thibault

Document Management Technician

450-455-9480 x2120

Planning and Territory Information

Jude Ben Ahuka

Engineering Technician

450-455-5753 x2210

Tahio Arena

Geomatic Technician

450-455-5753 x2252

Gaëtan Dussault

Geomatic Specialist

450-455-5753 x2253

Hsin-Hui Huang

Geomatic Specialist

450-455-5753 x2251

Esperanza La Rotta

Geomatic Technician

450-455-5753 x2223

Michel Leclerc

Hydrology , Honorary Associate Professor, INRS-ETE

450-455-5753 x2501

Jessica Mc Kenzie

Territory Planning Councillor

450 455-5753 x2281

Regional Municipal Court

France D’Amour

Clerk of the MRC and the CMR

450-455-5753 x2340

Claudie Gaudreau

Court Clerk

450-455-9480 x2110

Liane Lefebvre

Court Receptionist, Fine Clerk

450-455-9480 x2104

Pascale Leduc

Court Receptionist, Fine Clerk

450-455-9480 x2102

Sabrina Tremblay

Court Receptionist, Fine Clerk

450-455-9480 x2105

Dominique Vachon

Court Clerk

450-455-9480 x2103

Fire and Civil Safety

Jacques Babin

Fire and Civil Safety Councillor

450-455-5753 x2230


Anne Fortier

Environmental Development Officer

450-455-5753 x2261

Julie Labelle

Environmental Development Officer

450-455-5753 x2260

Stéphanie Lavergne

Waterway Engineer

450-455-5753 x2241

Élise Phoenix

Waterway Operation Officer

450-455-5753 x2240

Social Development

Sébastien Legros

Social Development Support Officer

450-455-5753 x2208

Human Resources

Mylène Galarneau

Human Resources Councillor

450-455-5753 x2290