Public Safety

Schéma de couverture de risque en sécurité incendie
Fire Safety Plan

The Schéma de couverture de risques en sécurité incendie is a tool for managing fire risks and decision-making for municipality elected officials. For those responsible for rescue operations, it is a planning tool.

Fire risk management requires a knowledge of the risks present in the territory.

To face these risks, it is necessary to:

  • have prevention measures in place in order to reduce the likelihood of fires;
  • plan all elements of fire procedures in order to limit the consequences when a fire breaks out.

Thus, citizens will be better-protected.

Regional authorities, according to the Fire Safety Act, are obligated to create a risk management outline in conformity with the Orientations du ministre de la Sécurité publique en matière de sécurité incendie.