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The Environmental Service creates regional plans for managing compost throughout the entire territory of the MRC and assures the execution of the Plans de gestion des matières résiduelles (Waste Management Plan) with the aim of reaching the goals of the government of Québec. The MRC is joining local municipalities to execute different measures written within the plan, holding various ministries accountable, and assuring the supervision of service contracts relating to compost management within its fields of expertise.

The Environmental Services is also executing some initiatives with the aim of reaching the goals in the Plan d’action 2013-2020 sur les changements climatiques du gouvernement du Québec (2013-2020 Government of Quebec Action Plan on Climate Change)

Waste Materials

The MRC is responsible for the collection, transport, and evaluation of recyclable materials, and the evaluation of vegetal and food waste in the territory. It also administers the Ecocentre Networks in the region. To learn more, consult the Citizen Services section of the website.

Current Projects

Establishment of Compost Collection
In Autumn 2018, the municipalities of the MRC began offering a door-to-door service for collecting compost in 45-litre wheeled bins. The MRC is responsible for the evaluation of these materials and the application of a pick-up, sorting, evaluation, and return contract with the firm GSI Environnement. The municipalities themselves are responsible for collecting and transporting the compost as well as managing the bins and supervising these contracts. The communication campaign “Du bac à la terre” (“From the Bin to the Earth”), as well as a communications tool package, were developped by the MRC and made available to the municipalities. The MRC also developed a tool that helps with sorting compost, Tricycle (available in French only).

For more information, please contact Julie Labelle, Environmental Development Officer, by email at jlabelle@mrcvs.ca or by phone at 450-455-5753 x2260.

Pilot-Project for Smart Collection of Waste Materials
The MRC has started a pilot project for the smart collection of compost for about 2,000 residences in the territory in collaboration with the municipality of Sainte-Marthe and the city of Notre-Dame-de l’Île-Perrot (NDIP). The primary objective of this project is to collect statistical information about the rates of recycle bin usage. This approach will allow the MRC to revise and optimize the billing process, which is currently calculated according to the number of residences serviced, to potentially save money when the recyclable materials collection contract is renewed in 2020.

In the framework of the project, data on the collection of household trash in the participating municipalities will be gathered (even if it is under municipal jurisdiction), as this data is deeply linked to the performance of waste material management.

A mandate was given to the expert firm Enviro-R-Cube to assist the MRC and its municipalities in this project. The results of the project will be presented to the MRC council at the end of the year 2019.

For more information, please contact Julie Labelle, Environmental Development Officer, by email at jlabelle@mrcvs.ca ou 450 455-5753, poste 2260.

Optimization of the Collection of Recyclable Materials in the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) Sectors of the territory
The goal is to divert a larger quantity of recyclable materials from landfills and enlarge the regional collection services for ICI companies. The MRC wants to ensure that all small ICIs (producing quantities similar to the residential sector) have regional collection services and that the largest ICIs also have recyclable material collection services. To learn more, visit www.mrcvs.ca/ici (available in French only).

For more information, please contact Nicola Rivest, Environmental Development Officer, by email at nrivest@mrcvs.ca or by phone at 450-455-5753 x2262.


The watercourse team checks for good water flow in the territory of the MRC, and is focused on public safety. The team makes sure that the regulations are respected regarding water flow in the watercourses in the MRC and that the management of all watercourses in its jurisdiction is well-planned.

The MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges is the first MRC in Québec to have adopted regional regulations about watercourses in the year 2000. It was also the first MRC to limit the rates of run-off entering watercourses coming from residential or commercial properties. Furthermore, in 2006, when the Politique relative à la gestion des cours d’eau (Policy for the Management of Watercourses) was adopted, the MRC started a cutting-edge method for financing public works through the establishment of invoicing-per-watershed, weighted by geographical criteria, which is unique among the MRCs of Québec.